The Final Week : Week 14


Praise to the Almighty, we managed to complete this course successfully ^^

Ok,before I go on with the last day of this course aka EduTechnovation Day,I would like to tell you a bit about our journey towards the end.

During the last 2 weeks,our team had a bit of a problem when we didn’t managed to ‘impress’ the guiders and Ummi. We realized that there was something missing with the first draft of the video.

So, we sat down and discussed again on how to improve it.

Alhamdulilah,we finally came up with another idea and during the second last class,we showed the second draft to Encik Helmi and he praised it ^^

The second draft was not fully shown the idea of our project. We decided to put an element of surprise during the last day.

Oh yeah,in my previous 2 posts,I did promise to show you guys the poster of our group.


location : Taman Botani

location : Taman Botani

So,here is the FINAL VIDEO *not the second draft video*

I would like to thank my teammates for being






and lastly


I could not have done this project without you guys :’)



During the Edutechnovation Day,I must say that I am proud of my classmates!

All of the 6 groups were awesome! Every group has their own ‘magic’ and the lecturers were having a hard time to choose the best :p


ikin,fahmi,prasna,kak ika and farahin *fizzie MIA :O*


nadia,michelle,imran,nisa and farah sakinah


Zarina,Nora,Adira,Jannah and Yasmin


Ummi,Erna,Winnie,JeeTeng and Ayie

Muhaidir,Ana,Veni,Lea,Ijit and Tikah

Muhaidir,Ana,Veni,Lea,Ijit and Tikah

our group :) - shira,fns *me*,farah,safwan and Kak Naour group 🙂 – shira,fns *me*,farah,safwan and Kak Na

71709_398662370214866_2052423421_n 15774_398665620214541_550389318_n

Lastly,before I end this post

I (we) would to give a million thanks to our guiders,

Ummi Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Puan Hazrati, Kak Ana,Encik Faizal, Encik Wahab and others who contributed as well.

Thank you! Jazakallah 🙂

May Allah reward you with goodness ~<3

That’s all till now.

It’s a wrap everyone!

photos credit : Encik Helmi and Farahafizah

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Reflection Week 13

This week, we learnt on how to edit photos using



Before I came to the class,my friends told me that Photoshop is not that hard,all I need is to understand the concept! But then again, I didn’t really get the idea.Oh why…

I had zero*again I repeat* ZERO experience of using the software.So, I was quite worried if I lost again in the class like last week.

But alhamdulilah,I made it through the lesson even though I still didn’t get the concept that my friends told me..

so here’s the result of my first trial


I wish to learn more but I understand that Encik Helmi was running out of time and impossible to teach us individually,right?

Luckily I have a friend who is really good in using the software and he gave me the link to learn since he is busy and so am I~

Here’s the link he gave me :

I haven’t visited yet but I promise myself to make use of the time during semester break to explore it.

Happy Learning everyone ^^

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Reflection Week 12

Do you know what is CASPER?

Not this Casper guys >,</

Casper is an abbreviation of

C- Contrast ( in contrasting, you need to be able to make a differentiation about the different details)

A- Alignment ( whether it is symmetrical or assymetrical balace)

S- Simplicity (avoid using to complex graphic, but make sure simple is actually attractive)

P- Proximity ( the distance between the elements, the text,graphic)

E- Emphasis ( the emphasis on the important elements)

R- Repetition ( the way you convey your message, but not that much as it may be boring)

So what’s the need of learning this?

To me,this technique is handy for slide presentation and photo editing. So at least you will know where is the flaw of your work.

Next session was  -editing movie with


This software is totally an alien to me because I don’t have any idea on how to use it at all! The computer didn’t have the exact video that Mr Helmi used at that time so I wasn’t able to do it together with the class sob sob. What I did at that moment was just listening to Mr. Helmi and tried to understand the process.

It’s okay,I will learn on how to use the software one day 🙂

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Reflection Week 11

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Earlier today,we learnt on how to use Windows Movie Maker.The lecture was conducted by Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati.

Making a movie is not that hard,you just need a lil bit of creativity and lots of patience hehe.

and also you need to ‘try and error’.Meaning,you have to ‘dig’ the features,so you will know more.

So,this is basically what I learnt today.To start off,you need to import the video first by clicking the Import Video link on the left side column .Once you’re done,drag it to the storyboard.

550px-Use-Windows-Movie-Maker-Step-2 (1)

Next,click “Video Effects” on the left side of the window. Drag what effect you want and put it the star in the corner of the Clip.


Ok,for the transitions (changing of the scenes)  select the “View Video Transitions” from the left panel. Drag them down to the “Storyboard”, but put them in the middle box. You can view the transitions by clicking on them and watching them on the screen to the left.


If you want to add a song for the video,Then, go to “Import Audio or Music” select a song. Then drag it down to the “TimeLine” You can also cut time or make a short sound from clicking the triangle and dragging to make it as long as you want, you can have just one word, chorus or just the whole song.


Orite,if you’re satisfied with progress,click the view “timeline” and you should see the time line with the song, the title, the clips, and the effects and transitions. Then, you can view the movie that you have created by pressing play on the left panel with the screen.

then save it by clicking File and then Save Movie File.

Oah,I forgot!

You can add titles and credits by clicking the link at the Edit Movie section on the left.

Like I said before,you have to explore it yourself and ‘try and error’ cause I know you can’t really understand until you try 😉


Well,to be honest,I’m not a fan of Movie Maker,I’m more to Live Movie Maker user hehe. Ok,some of you might be confused and wondering,what are the differences?

There’re not so much of differences.

– Windows Live Movie Maker is the newest version of Windows Movie Maker

– The major difference is the use of web applications, requiring less disk space on your home machine for most projects, and allowing easy integration into the various other Live applications – simplifying publication to youtube and other social networks.

– meaning,once you’ve done,you can publish it straight to other networks like Facebook and Youtube…that’s why it is called Live.



those are some of the moments I captured hehe.

Alright,I think that’s all for now!

p/s: Ummi,thanks for the gift from Jordan 🙂

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Reflection Week 10

This week,again,Ummi wasn’t around T,T

No,she didn’t leave us on purpose! She had to go to Jordan.We all prayed for her and others who went there,to be safe both in departing and arriving ^^

and also buah tangan from Jordan,perhaps? EHEHE


Okay,enough with the lame joke

For this week,we presented our 90% on-going process for the project in front of Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati.

Our group was the first one to present.For this presentation,we prepared a trailer for our theme,SAHABAT. Check it out! hehe

As you can see *assuming you’ve already watch* the trailer is full with our pictures and our random,candid act to show that even the theme itself already existed among us,the producer hehe.We tried to make the viewers think of the central idea,what is friendship about.The central idea will be show later in our video,the final project 🙂

We are in the process of collecting the idea of friendship based on the interviews we caught on tape from different kind people.

and the rest……

guess you have to wait :p

Ok,enough about us! I will move on to another group.

Fahmi’s group was fantastic with the short video they managed to record during their previous trip to Broga. The music (Yuna’s Live Your Life) is a good choice for the background and I super like the blurry effect to capture the moments.

Aaahhh…I wish I have a DSLR..the current one I use can only take photos.

But like Atikah said to me, “It’s not about the camera,it’s the quality we produce” or something like that ehehe

Only Fahmi’s group and I presented at front,so I didn’t really know what the others are up to..

Oh yeah! Not to forget,Imran’s group also came to the front.They told us that they are going to create some sort of drama which I think it’s going to be an interesting one because they are going to be someone like they’re not in real life hehe.The plot seems interesting and they even plan to rent a house,talk about Semangat yerrr! Keep up the spirit!

All in all,although some of the groups had a ‘private’ consultation with En.Helmi and Puan Hazrati and some just presented in front of the class, I think we all did a good job since En.Helmi and Puan Hazrati were satisfied with what we have so far.


Keep up the good work guys!

and let’s brainstorm more for the creative part hehe

p/s: the tension has just begun! Good luck to all,give the best you can ^^






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Reflection Week 7+8+9

Brace yourself,this gonna be a long post!

Again,I have failed to post reflection on time T,T

So,I will try to make it as best as I can hehe

Let’s start with Week 7!


Ah,I forgot that I was absent on this week! It wasn’t intentional, I had a dental appointment at my hometown in the morning. So,I went back the day before. Sorry everyone,I couldn’t make it to the class..

But,I did contacted my group mates on what they learnt on that day!

They told me the class and the teaching team were discussing about the presentation of our videos that includes the making of it,making poster to promote and perhaps show to the others (excluded the fact that our classmates will watch,of course :p).Wow,I would say wow..because I didn’t think of something big regarding to this assignment.I just thought it more like a journey learning new things and produce something hehe.

Then,we did chatted about on how we wanted our video will be like and so on..

Apart from that,reading from other’s reflection,this week was also about learning on how to use the angle of camera and the sound booth.


I don’t have the Adobe sound booth but I did an experiment using an audio editor called AudaCity. I tried to remove the vocal from the song,so that I can use the instrumental part only.Unfortunately,it only worked on certain songs =.=’

And for those of you who are using Windows Vista,you can remove the vocal without using any software.

Good luck trying!

And for those of you who are using Mac *lazer beam stares* you guys can use iTunes which is more fancy I would say. Mac got lots of cool things like iMovie..just saying..

and last but not least,

They discussed with Puan Hazrati about the timeline of  the class which  is important and to make sure that our schedule is parallel with the proforma.

And em,

during my appointment, I got a pamphlet on How To Clean Better with Braces (very useful since I’m wearing now) and Brush Better!

I will not write bout it here,just that I want to say that I did learn something that day hehe! In case you’re interested to know how to brush better,ask me personally and I will borrow you the pamphlet :p

Done with Week 7,proceed with Week 8!


No class on week 8.

Cause Ummi wanted us to go back early and enjoy our holidays!

Sayyyy whaatttttt?

Yeah,because she is cool like that X)


Even though we didn’t have class on that week but my group mates and I used our free time which is after class to photo shoot some of our parts of the video and for the poster.

We went to Alamanda because some of the views are nice (especially the bamboo walk at front,near to Carrefour) and it was the closest area from Bangi.

This is me before the departing.That wasn’t the camera we used but that was an underwater camera which is cool.I’ve been wanting to capture things under the water!

The evidence we went to Alamanda hehe

farah and safwan

Kak Na and Shira

It took us like 2 hours to capture some moments.Alhamdulilah we went there and back safely 🙂


Presenting our poster!



No way I’m gonna show you guys the poster without me in it!

C’mon guys,don’t be mad..

We want to surprise you. *surprise la sangat*


So you have to wait till the day we release our official poster 🙂

We are on the move collecting stuff for the SAHABAT theme and things keep changing as ideas are moving..

Gahhh,we all want the best,aren’t we? 😉

Enough bout week 8,let’s proceed with the last part


Hoorayyyy it’s holidayyyyyyy!

But wait,we still have to do reflection during our hols rite? 😉

At first,I was thinking of making a vlog that promotes my hometown,the rainy town,Taiping.

But it rained pretty hard that week and my friends were pretty busy maximizing their time at home and doing stuff during the break.

So,I came up with an idea – producing a vlog that kinda relates to my life..

and also in conjunction of welcoming Awal Muharam :’)

Although it is a simple video but I took like the whole night processing it ==’

I had lots of idea in my head.But the toughest part was making it into reality in a video. I shoot a lot of random parts that I could think of..but only used a few in the video.Sigghh..

And not only that,I had to shoot from different angles and chose the best.

So the whole process was pretty tiring and challenged my eyes to stay awake hahaha

About the video,

I hope for those who watch it will get the message that I try to deliver.

I’m sorry for the jumbling of Malay and English words.Just that I want to make it in a less formal way,more to friendly way..the daily basis words use by youngsters and hipsters nowadays..

and I just realised that I spelled the word Ustaz wrongly. *Facepalm*

I read a few of good articles lately..and I kinda agree to the fact that humans are indeed lack of richness of the soul and by that,they are loosing the faith in God and worst,life. This may apply to any religion.

If we are not close to our Creator,then when the time comes to meet Him..what do you think will happen to us?

To you?

Ok,hands off on that topic.I guess you guys get my point here..hehe

Anyway,I think that’s all for week 7,8 and 9.

I will write more on the preparation of our project in the upcoming reflection.

I hope everything will go well for all of us,In sha Allah!

p/s: Really hope Umi will be able to join us HEHE

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Self Introductory Video : My very first video on YouTube!


(x 1000 times)

I’m sorry for posting and publishing it very very late. I had a problem with time management and was not satisfied with my 1st video (I managed to finish before the 5th class) so I redo again..

Well,I hope you guys enjoy my 1st ever video ehehe.

In the previous post,I mention that I will share my thoughts about making the video.

Well to me,making a video is pretty hard especially when you are running out of time and lack of facilities and skills.I did some retake for the talking part and almost giving up doing the  2nd one when they were not that good..but my roomate who was helping me recorded it boosted my spirit! So, I did managed to produce the 2nd one.

Thank you Nir. You always a self booster when I’m feeling down :’)

But,I never regret doing it and plus, I really enjoy making it hehe 😀 just that,it takes times and effort to produce a good video.I really hope that I can improve on that.

till then,

Bye ^^

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